Real estate glossary

A foreigner can become a property owner in Madagascar only if he is in possession of a long lease.

Definition of leasehold :

The ground lease is 18 years to 99 years.

It gives the lessee all rights to the property concerned by the lease.
The ground lease is adjusted annually, the amount varies depending on the contract established.

Geometric feet :

It is a strip of land 25 meters measured from the limit of the highest tides, mangroves and constructing dykes are considered as part of the maritime space.

Lessor :

The property is leased to a third party.

Real estate property :

Any matter or thing likely to become the property of a person.

Demarcation :

Action delimitation of land by the realization of its limitations. This action conducted in public, can be an opportunity to make a public and adversarial investigation into the legal status of the land. The boundary is of vital importance in the process of registration as to identify the land as real property whose content is established beyond doubt and who will be the subject of ownership registered in the land book .

Delimitation :

Action that allows you to set the physical boundaries of a property and therefore to determine consistency.
Applied in the public domain, the boundary can set limits dependencies thereof, and so is the condition for the application of the special legal regime.